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Fried Egg on Polenta with Kale and Mushrooms

Does anyone know how a fried egg got to the top of the heap of foods? Now a days put an egg on top of anything and heck you got a beautiful meal. It's an Egg. Don't get me wrong I love a fried egg like everyone else it seems. Who brought the egg to new heights? I'm curious that's all. And as you can see I am putting my best egg forward. I think it's a pretty good egg to. But my favorite way is on my Huveos Rancheros. Check it out. Polenta is not bad though.

Meatless Monday, good for me and not so great for Chuck. Don't get me wrong he really doesn't eat a lot of meat, but he does love it. We were just in San Jose, Costa Rica the big city for us. Nice places to eat, for sure. He had a beautiful pork sandwich on an awesome in house made roll, I had the tomato soup and it really was so good. This restaurant had the best Kalamata olive oil that I put on my cheese croutons in my soup. So I had to buy a bottle, I never see Kalamata olive oil here in Costa Rica. So today it's a bed of Polenta with sautéed Kale and Mushroom's with" The Fried Egg" on top. At the end I drizzled some hot chili oil on top of the egg. It really was a good dinner and Chuck did have a smile on his face. I save the Kalamata Olive Oil for later.

Fried egg on Kale and Polenta

1 bunch of Kale

7 or 8 mushrooms

garlic, 2 cloves chopped


Olive Oil

Chile Oil

pinch of salt

2 Tablespoons of Cream Cheese

2 Fried Eggs

Chop up clean Kale, slice clean mushrooms, add to a pan with just a bit of Olive Oil. Add chopped up garlic and cook until the Kale is tender. I let mine get a little crisp. Pinch of salt

Cook your polenta the way you like it. Add in two Tablespoons of Cream Cheese. Makes it more creamy. This was enough for 2 people. Chuck and I.

Put some creamy Polenta on a plate, add the kale and mushrooms put fried egg on top of it all and drizzle on hot chile oil.

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