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Candy, made with Toffee Bits, Chocolate and Almonds

Four ingredients * and 10 minutes and you just made candy. The only part that takes time is the 7 minutes of stirring. Put it all together and freeze for a great cold piece of candy. What a perfect treat after dinner or when you are graving chocolate and you only want a small piece. You break them up into any size you like. Make ahead and serve or save all for your self. So good. Note to self, never make these again. I sure wish I could read my own notes.

Toffee,Almond Candy

1 Cup of nuts. Pecans, walnuts or almonds. Chopped

3/4 Cup of brown sugar

1/2 Cup butter

1/2 Cup or more of chocolate chips or 4 1/2 oz. of a good chocolate bar, broken into pieces

*And if you like throw on top of nut layer, a handful of Toffee Bits form the bag. Ok 5 ingredients if you add this.

Butter a 9x9x2 inch pan

Spread nuts in pan

Heat sugar and butter to boiling, stirring constantly. Boil over medium heat, stirring constantly for 7 minute. Do not let it burn. And be very careful it's so hot. After 7 minutes spread mixture evenly over the nuts in the pan. It will spread, but it's sticky.

Sprinkle chocolate chips over hot mixture. Work fast. Place a cookie sheet or something like that over the pan to hold in the heat to melt the chocolate. About a minute or two later lift pan and spread chocolate over mixture, put in freezer and freeze for 1/2 hr. Now I just break into pieces. Hope you like.

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