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Mysteries in the Jungle.

The jungle with all it's mysteries, some that I have yet to see, show themselves in a very unpredictably way. You just may be lucky enough to stumble upon one of them like this. You could be walking down a jungle path and the trees began to guide you toward something magical, the wind begins to blow ever so slightly and you hear something but you can't make it out. Is it a low barking sound? What, a Dog Show in the jungle? Yes a Dog Show. Not your run of the mill Dog Show I might add, although there are really dogs involved. Oh, and people to. It's organized and food is offered and drinks to. But it's different is such a beautiful way. It's fun and funny and people from all over the world are getting together for a fun day of just showing off their dogs. And themselves. It's a fund raiser for our local school. Jungle Mystery # 17 solved. This was my judging.

Costa Rica dog show

Best Costume



Best wagging tail

Best trick

The judges

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