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Chuck Here

Chuck blogs, sorta

Chuck here. It's been almost a year since Deby started her blogging career. I told her she should get a day job. Just kidding. Anyway she is well on her way to making the two million dollars she told me she would make this year. I think she is at $75.00 so far and getting closer. Yes she is trying to make money at her blogging. So far she has been featured in Huffpost/50 for her article on long distance grandparents, she wrote an article for International Living Post Cards section on the Internet, she did get paid for that one, and she was invited to speak in San Jose for International Living Magazine, but she said she can't because when she did her last play in the jungle she felt like throwing up before she got on stage, so she said, thank you but no thanks to speaking in front of a bunch of people. She writes for the Wall Street Journal Face book page for Expats at least five times now and she is writing for the site Sixty and Me as a continuing contributor, also she wrote for Next Act for Women this month. You can find them on Face book, or So really she has been busy. But no pay. She said, you have to pay your writing dues first, before you can make money at writing. Hell I got paid 100.00 from her to write this. Funny thing though, none of these are for cooking in the jungle. They are all about retired older folks. I guess she knows more about that then cooking. But she still keeps on cooking and taking pictures of her food for her blog. So before dinner almost every night, she fixes a plate, ( you know one of those pretty plates) and takes a picture of it. That plate is mine and it's like enough food for two. She has to make it look," abundant". My stomach is becoming abundant. I see no end in site. She is ready to take the next step she says. Man, I am so afraid of what that means. No, I am not asking, it will all reveal itself this next year as she gets closer to her goal of two million dollars. I sure hope she hasn't asked the Universe for the two million dollars, if the Universe doesn't come through it could be a catastrophe. For me. Chuck out.

Not sure why we are leaning to the left.

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