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Pub in the Jungle, The Black Sheep

Pub in the jungle.

The view from the Pub

An English Pub on a hill in the jungle overlooking a lush valley with a river running through and a hanging bridge. I could not make this up. It's truly a postcard that I can not capture with my camera. Every-time I see this site I think a Gorilla in the mist is going to step out of the jungle or King Kong. But here in Costa Rica we don't have Gorillas or King Kong's. Just this beautiful Pub that all of us that have had the pleasure to visit will truly miss. It has been sold. Most of all we will miss, Joe and Helena the proprietors of The Black Sheep Pub. Two awesome people that have opened their door to expats and locals alike. We have all partied and with them in their Pub and Beer Garden and enjoyed music, food, and bands, and sometimes an occasional singer in the group would strike up a song. Many New Year's Eve and St. Patties Day parties and much more have been celebrated here. I remember the first time we went up there, I say up there because it's really up there, 4 wheel drive all the way up there and then you hit the drive way to the pub that's even steeper then the road up to the top. Back to the first time, well, their dogs that they still have were pink. Really pink, from the dye in the red concrete. I loved it! Pink dogs. It wore off after some time. I will miss the characters that we have meet at the Black Sheep, and there are many. I will miss just siting and talking with Joe and Helena when no one was their but us and the beautiful view. I will miss taking every family member and friend that has come to visit us here, up to the Black Sheep for a beer and a view. And last, I hope you all got your Black Sheep Pub T-Shirts, the other night one was being taken off the ceiling, might have been the last one.

From the Car Bomb station to the Beer Gardens to their personal Gardens and the Beautiful Pub, we all wish Joe and Helena a fond farewell.

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