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Bacon Ball

Ground beef wrapped in a couple of onion slices and then wrapped in bacon, last but not least BBQ sauce on top.

They start in the oven, because you should use raw ground beef, I used some meat balls that I had in the freezer not such a good idea. Because they were already cooked. So mine got a little dried out. You finish them off on the BBQ with sauce, and the bacon really crisped up nicely. So this is a good idea when you are already barbecuing something else. It's a nice appetizer. By the way my bacon was not long enough to wrap around the onion and mine are also messy. This was the only good looking one.

Bacon and ground Beef and BBQ sauce.

1 pound Ground Beef

2 Yellow Onions

1 Package Bacon


Barbecue sauce

Make it like you would your Meat Loaf

Add onions chopped, mushrooms chopped, Salt and Pepper, egg, bread crumbs or Panko, worcestershire sauce, What ever you like and mix it all together and make into balls, mine were about 2 in. balls.

Slice the ends of the onions off, and cut in half and separate the onion.

Put your balls inside two onions slices, wrap 3 slices of bacon around and secure with toothpicks.

Bake in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes at 360 degrees.

Remove from oven and place the balls on the hot BBQ and add some sauce, cook until the bacon is all browned.

This recipe is abdapted form the site Little Things.

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