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Egg in a basket

Using frozen hash browns will be a whole lot faster and much easier for anyone who can find frozen hash browns. I can't find any here in the jungle so I made my own. So this fast and quick recipe for me was slow and long. But take heart, for most of you I am sure you will find them in the freezer section of your market. I made them anyway and they are really fun to make a great breakfast or brunch recipe.

Eggs in Hash Browns

I had to squeeze all the moisture out of the shredded potatoes with a cloth.

Spray the muffin tins first.

1 bag of hash browns just take out the amount you want to use.

Bell Pepper, red and green just for color. I added only about a 1/4 of each color and I grated them

2 Tablespoons of onion, grated

cooking spray

salt and pepper

olive oil

Add small amount of olive oil in a pan and sauté the bell pepper and onion just until soft

Add the hash browns and mix all together just for a minute or two, add salt and pepper

Spray the muffin tin and add a small amount of the mixed hash browns to each muffin tin. Just make as many as you want.

Press down into muffin tin .

Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Take out of oven and add 1 egg to each hash brown cup and put back in oven until the egg is set to your liking. Add cheese if you like. I used a spoon to scoop them out of the muffin tin. Enjoy.

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