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Coconut Water Smoothies

No dairy, and only three ingredients. Four, if you add Vodka or Rum. I didn't count the crushed ice. So simple and refreshing and I might add, so good for you. If you do add the Vodka or Rum, drink it in the Coconut with a pretty straw. It will make a big difference.

This one is Strawberry, Banana, Coconut Water and or the Booze of your choice.

Coconut Water Smoothies and booze

This one is Cantaloupe, Banana and Coconut Water


Cantaloupe,Banana, Coconut Water Smoothie

This is Pineapple, Banana and of course Coconut Water

Blueberry, Banana and Coconut Water

I never measure. I just use one banana the water form one coconut a handful of berries or other fruit and about 1cup of crushed ice. Blend.

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