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Did you think I didn't really cook in the jungle?

And when I cook I expect everyone to show up and they do. Have a look.

cooking in the jungle

Yes, I have been an oven model for years now. But only in the jungle.

This is Iggie and he is huge, I would say from head to end of his tail, he is about 5 feet long. You don't want to mess with him.

Pizote, She is like a raccoon and she is always looking for some food. You don't want to mess with her at all. She has long nails.

The story is, I need a new oven badly. So Chuck and I drove about an hour away to look at ovens and we saw this one and bought it. It's small like my old one. It will fit in the old place out side in my rancho. Perfect! Only problem is it's 120 and our electric is 220 so we can't use it. We thought we would sell it to someone here in our town and they could just come and pick it up from us at our home. I guess no one needs one right now. So we decided to give it away, so we asked our friends if they needed an oven. They have never had an oven before, so they said yes to the oven. Cool thing is the Mom said she really doesn't have time to cook and the Father does not cook, but the 11 year old daughter said she cooks. So to my delight the 11 year old just got a new oven and she is already cooking up a storm. I am so happy this family got this oven. Now I still need a new oven so we will be out and about in search of an oven for my outside kitchen. In the mean time I am still using my old one and making cookies today. Browned Butter, Brown Sugar Cookies. Check them out.

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