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Rainy season Plants in my Garden

What an amazing site to see these beauties pop up as soon as the rainy season starts. Everyday I am seeing a new plant pop up. The colors are so vibrant and the pinks. I can't believe it! I was sitting on my couch and looking out the front door and noticed something I had not seen before, this white flower with purple in the middle and a white stigma, it is stunning. It looks like someone splashed purple paint on it. The red ginger will turn all the way red and my friend is making shampoo out of the juice inside. You just squeeze and the flower water runs out.

The plant growing out of our car, yes our car is, I hope a Mango Tree that way we could be driving down the road and just pick our own mango from our car window. Things grow in the strangest places this time of year.

tropical plants, home garden

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