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Cast Iron, Popcorn?

Well, if you are a Popcorn Freak like me and the Cast Iron pan is sitting on your cook top form last nights dinner drying. Well might as well give it a try. I had never used it before for my, almost every other day Popcorn fix. Today I did. I usually use a sauce pan. Oh, and the cool thing about it is I got to watch it pop. Sorta childish I know and I don't even care. Just a little Olive Oil and Popcorn it's my favorite afternoon snack. Sometimes it's my lunch and even my dinner. When nothing else sounds good, Popcorn! Some things in life are so simple.

Cast Iron Popcorn

I think my Cast Iron Pan is really starting to look good.

I am starting to love the lid to. Remember I used it on my last bread I made.

And the finished product is, Beautiful. Is it just me? I can handle the truth, although Chuck says I can't.

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