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Chuck's Chicken

Do not try this at home. I thought the fire was just fine the way it was, but oh no, Chuck had to make it bigger and hotter. I just think he loves to do that, and it's not a good idea at all. But, it's his dinner tonight, not mine. This BBQ was made by "Mark the Welder" . He is no longer with us, but his BBQ still is. First it was my brother in law Steve's and he gave it to Chuck and I bet it will last a life time. BBQ in the jungle.

Simple Chicken on the BBQ

See, it starts off all sweet and low. I guess that was the problem for Chuck.

And so innocent.

He does love his pepper and hot pepper.

Everything is going great now.

He starts to eat it right away, hey it's his.

His Chicken, tortillas, grilled bell-peppers, greens, potato salad, very hot, hot sauce and beer and music. The End

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