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Chili Guaro Shots, just in time for the Hoildays

Nosara has a love affair with Chili Guaro and for good reason, It's good!! Guaro is a distilled liquor form Costa Rica and is very popular in Central America. It's the poor mans Vodka and it is distilled from Sugar Cane. You take the cheap booze and mix in some tomato juice a little lime and every restaurant has it's own secret add in. So while our son Casey and his girl friend Kelsie were here we have gone on the Chile Guaro tour. This is what we have found out. Everyone has their own little subtle taste difference.

El Chivo has a straight up good tasting Chili Guaro drink mixed in with "a little handful of love" as the bar tender told us. It's amazing how this Cacique Guaro has been taken to new heights. Served in a shot glass, but it can be savored and not just shot down as the name emplies.

Oh! Beach Dog Cafe we loved the orange color in yours and what was in it? We could not figure it out, very tasty.

Eskina Skate Park loved it! This was the first of the tour and you set the bar high. How many did you have there Casey anyway?

La Luna, hard to beat while watching a beautiful sunset.

Olgas, what can I say? Olgas is always the most funky and beautiful place with your toes in the sand. Nothing pretentious, just a good tasting Gauro Shot

IL Peparoni, you guys even put salt on the rim of the shot glass, classy and so good with our Fettuccine Alfredo.

So Chuck and I will continue the Chili Guaro Tour and let you know who ranks where.

Casey's recipe for Chili Guaro Shots.

Ingredients for a pitcher: ¾ cup Guaro Cacique 3 cups tomato juice ½ cup lemon juice 3 tsp or more of Iguana hot sauce, the habanero one. A few pinches of salt Make it: Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher. Stir well. Salt the rim of a shot glass, garnish with a slice of citrus – and fire away!

Gauro Shots in the Jungles of Costa Rica.

Laura and a Chile Guaro Shot form El Chivo. She said yummy.

The bartender said, you add a handful of Love.

Having a Chile Guaro Shot is hard to beat form La Luna on the beach. Perfect.

Olgas inside and out, just our local hangout.

Sunset and Surf at Olgas with a Guaro Shot.

IL Pepperoni, it's the classy act with the salt on the rim of the shot glass. So good.

So we will continue our search of the perfect Guaro Shot, someone has to do it. And we are mature enough to handle it. Right Chuck?

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