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Making Pasta Bolognese for my Mother, but she might forget.

I gave my 88 year old mother a choice between Matzo Ball Chicken Soup or Pasta Bolognese. She chose the Pasta. So here I am cookingincalifornia for my Mother. I will be leaving out the hot chili flakes for her, but everything else will be the same. I am adding a salad, iceberg lettuce salad. Now the thing is when I moved to Costa Rica I was so over Iceberg lettuce all I wanted was arugala or some other different kind of lettuce and now that I can never have iceberg lettuce ( it's not in any or our stores here) I grave it. Strange how things work. So I will indulge in an old fashion iceberg lettuce salad with beautiful radishes and cucumbers and some blue cheese dressing.

Notice no picture of the finished Pasta dish? Well, half way through the dinner I realized it's again not about the food all the time, but about the people you are eating with and today it's about my Mother, she didn't eat much of the pasta ( might be because she polished off with my help a whole can of Shoe Strings Potatoes) and it didn't hurt my feelings. It was the time spent together, she has Alzheimer's and it is taking her memory away. I realized that I still have mine and I have so many good memories of our life together that it makes me smile. We still laugh together something we have always done and still do. What a great life I have had with my Mother and this will always be in my memory or for as long as I remember things. She has been the most loving, interesting, smart and fun Mother any person could ask for in a Mother. So all and all, Good Job Mother. You have made me happy and I hope I did the same for you, I know I did. So I think I have learned something this visit, it's about our memories of our parents lives, they may have Alzheimer's but we pass the memories on to our children, so really no one loses them but we take them with us to the next genaration. Lets eat!!

My mother with Alzheimer's and my food

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