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This family and food

Every year for over 43 years (that's just how long I have been around) this family has had a feast on Christmas Day, Chuck and I have been to most of our family extravaganzas except the for the ones we missed while in Costa Rica. Although now that we have our Grandson Ethan we have made it back home for the feast and it's always a good time with our family. We laugh and eat and well, laugh and eat. For many years now it has been a huge and I mean huge Prim Rib Roast that my Mother in law Joann cooks to perfection. First off Chuck dropped the 18 lb. roast on his foot. When Chuck is here he carves and eats and carves and eats at the beast while he is cutting it. With sides galore and big baked potatoes and of course the horse radish on the side it does become somewhat silent night for just a moment while we all dig in to the delicious dinner that Joann has planned for us all, and it is all planned out in advance to the P. or T. Joann, my mother in law is in her element. The whole family on this side of the family has gathered around her and her special dinners for as long as I can remember. All of our children are here and it makes her and all of us so happy to be together. There is a whole lot of love going on. Thats for sure, and because I am all about the food and the love of family I am in awe of how she, Joann has been the main person, the matriarch of this family and she has keep us all together and has made sure we are together for many events and holidays. She never forgets a birthday and we all have to be together for a dinner at her house, for most of our children's lives. So I am sure they will always have fond memories of their Grandma Joann and her lovely dinners. This one is no exception to the rule. Happy New year everyone.

Joann and some of our women

He dropped this roast on his foot. Oh Chuck.


Jill and BB8

Watching the train go by. Ethan has a love of all trains, I think it started here.

BJ is all wore out form opening up presents


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