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Meet the Bull Fighter Pizza

Chuck had to have the Bull Fighter, it's hot very hot you need a pitcher of very cold beer near by.

I started with a thin crust and added my sauce although I made it a bit more spicy than my usual.

I added 4 Jalapeños sliced with the seeds left in. 3 chorizo sausages skin remover and fried up crisp

Mozzarella and Parmasean

Chuck said it was the best pizza I have ever made. He just likes it because it's so hot, the man likes

hotter food every year. He must be losing his taste because this baby was hot. I also included a

less spicy version. You might want to use a ready made dough and it will be a fast dinner.

Bull Fighter Pizza

Less spicy version, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, kalamata olives, basil and the cheese.

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