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Hand model needed

I really want to make those really cute and fast videos with the ladies hands and nails all pretty mixing away and I can't stop looking at their nice hands and painted nails. I am not even sure what they are making. So now I need a hand model for my short and fast little food videos. Any takers??? My nails are short and cracked form doing to many dishes and my hands are, well just old. Maybe this short video thing will pass and no one will ever notice that I never got on the "make a short food video or else" train. Or I can start a new thing and just write about the food I cook. For me my pictures are my best explanation, I guess. I could wear pretty gloves and stir and pour. Better yet I should just concentrate on Baby Boomers they can relate about the hand thing. Come to think of it my hands have never been pretty. I don't need no dam hand model anyway. If these hands could talk they have a story to tell. They have changed diapers from the beginning, they have gardened without gloves to many times to tell and scavenged the sand from California to Costa Rica in search of the perfect shell or piece of sea glass. They have cut flowers with a razor at a flower farm, I was young and didn't care about the cuts on my thumbs. Watered a tree farm for hours and years and this made soggy hands at the end of the day and they have picked so many weeds my hands were green, and I have burnt them taking things out of the oven because I am always in a hurry, scars well I don't even need to talk about that but these hands are still working as I type this and they don't even hurt" today" at all and I am thankful for that. Maybe I should just make the videos anyway and if someone looks at my hands they might think man oh man those hands have seen some history. I don't even want to tell you about Chucks hands his are even more historical then mine.

Hand model needed

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