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His and Hers Red Snapper on the BBQ

There is a new little fish store in town and we went for a visit yesterday and brought home 2 pan size Red Snappers for dinner. They were very fresh. We first went to the vegetable farm to get some micro greens and arugula for salad, I know this sounds like any awesome town anywhere, but this is in a small jungle town in Costa Rica so for us to have these types of places is so awesome because just 20 years ago there just was not much here but beautiful people and beautiful landscapes. People caught their fish for the day and went back out the next day for more. We don't fish so having this fish store close to home is so convenient. So Chuck turned on the BBQ we were to lazy last night to start the charcoals, maybe next time. I put butter, parsley and chopped garlic with sliced lemons inside mine, rubbed it down with olive oil salt and peppered the whole fish. Chuck rubbed his down with olive oil added hot pepper flakes, salt and pepper stuffed it with cilantro and lemons added soy sauce. We both put them on at the same time and cooked them for about 9 - 10 minutes per side Chuck used a cage and put mine on a grate. Both came out delicious we added baby roasted potatoes and a arugula and micro green salad, dinner was beautiful.

BBQ Red Snapper

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