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Sourdough Bread with my starter, yes!

I used my homemade sourdough starter and no extra yeast. I am just going to show you the bread and tell you where to get the recipe, here I will be upfront. Not easy and it's a long day of waiting and I started part of this the night before. But what a fun science project it was. With all this said it's awesome and my sourdough starter has a tang. Do I think you should try it, of course. I put Pesto in one of the small rounds and we will have it with some soup. Chuck just wants me to make them all plain for toast but he will like the Pesto one too.

I made this per the recipe with just the additions of the Pesto. I made one large round and two small ones, just for the heck of it.

Check out my breakfast it hit the spot, it was all about the toast.

Sourdough Starter to Finished Bread

This is the first process that I made the night before it needs to set for about 12 hours.

I spread on some Pesto and folded the dough over it.

The recipe is from the wonderful site COOKING LESSONS FROM (THE KITCHN) How To Make Sourdough Bread

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