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My outside oven

We had to go to the big city today to buy a new oven for my outside kitchen, and here it is, this was the only choice I had so we got it. I have been waiting a long time to get a new one. My old one is so rusty from being outside for the last 10 years I really wanted a new one. Last year I thought we had it figured out when we bought a new one and we made a big mistake by buying a 110 Watt and we needed a 220 Watt. So we gave that one away and I have waited until now to get a new one... again. I had to get used to electric and I did and now I have to get used to electric with this flat top that everyone I know that has it does't like it. So here I am today making some Pumpkin Bread in the new oven trying to regulate the temp and it has taken me just about 1 hour to get it straight at 350 degrees. It's in Celsius. I think I got it. Well, the Pumpkin Bread looks good anyway. Like I have said before, at this age I believe I can get used to almost anything within reason. (Except for the loud music that someone is blasting in the jungle and it's really pissing me off. Did I say that out loud?) I know this oven is tiny but I can fit my Thanksgiving Turkey in it so all is good. And if the animals get into it I really will be sad. Wish me luck.

Ovens in Costa Rica

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