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Chuck here

The problem is real! Eat now, not now, wait, Stop. She is running the food show here at home. We have to eat early while the sun is still shinning because almost all Deby's pictures are outside. She needs the "natural light". So here I sit not really hungry and the "just fixed up plate" is placed in front of me and it's all of a sudden time to eat, because the pictures are taken and the food is at it's best presentation on my plate. So eat she says. Her plate looks like hell I might add I always get the pretty and very full plate. I would rather wait until later I say, and Deby says but it's ready now. Ok she says, wait if you want and warm it in the microwave if you want. But it's at it's best now. This goes on almost daily. So we sit down to eat, Deby on the other hand is always hungry and always thinking about food and what she is going to make next. So I ask myself is this a bad thing or not? Seriously? I have to say the food is always good so no complaints there.

We were out to dinner with some friends the other night, I got to eat a little later and that's a good thing. Some of the women were talking about how sometimes when you have been married for a long time like us 45 years, and you sit down to dinner to eat, you really don't talk much you just eat in silence. I do like that, but I heard Deby say, I am ok with that sometimes but for sure shiting sure he better at least say YUM. Take note guys.

I don't even notice those Macadamia Nut Oatmeal Cookies just out of the oven next to me.

Deby being Chuck talking about Deby

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