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Farm to Table Salad, Steak and Jalapeño Corn Cakes with Garlic Aioli

Steak salad with Jalapeño Corn Cakes

We just got back home to Costa Rica after a really fun road trip to see family and friends. First off family and a new baby girl to add to the mix. A wedding for my great niece and helping our oldest son build a fence and gate. Well, Chuck helped the most, but I did help out with the fence and I made lunch. We did fly to California and then we rented a car and drove 1,4000 miles and I really enjoyed seeing our bread basket part of our state. From nut trees to garlic, onions, fruit trees and lots of cows. Our farmers hard at work growing our food. I love it!

We have this sweet little farm near by and it sure is growing, so dinner tonight is a arugula, red lettuce, tomatoes, beautiful red kale salad with sliced filet minion on top with jalapeño and cilantro corn cakes and garlic Aioli to dip into. Chuck is thrilled because he gets the steak on top of his otherwise healthy salad. I say salad and he gets bummed I say with steak on top and he gets happy. Yes he is easy.

It's the beginning of the rainy season and everything is so green and wet.

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