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This place has my heart

This place has my heart. I guess I have never said this before about a place. From the beach to my yard it is a dream. Sure this place is changing as awesome places do. For the good? Some my say so, all I can say is I feel lucky to have had the chance to be here for the last 11 years. The people before us said the same thing I am saying now. “You should have been here 15 years ago. Oh I see the trees disappearing and the large homes appearing, some people put trees back and some don’t. Some people care and some won't. I believe we should all take care of our properties, and by this I mean if you take out trees and plants to build please put them all back and more. Or this will be the end of why we are all here. The jungle! The plants, trees and animals all need this jungle to survive, you don't. So please don't destroy this place that's has my heart and I hope yours too.

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