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45 years later

Long Marriage

These two kids were married 45 years ago today at USC in the Rose Garden in front of 300 family and friends. What a day! Young carefree with a new Dodge Van and on our way camping for our Honeymoon. Yes hippies for sure. Kids, dogs, cats, hamsters, building our own home after 15 years of marriage, moving to Costa Rica after retiring at 55 years old and living the dream for the last 11 years, 2 sweet grandchildren and this life has been very good to us. Two sons that are succesfull and happy. I would say this has so far been a life will lived. Not many complaints yet and this is our sunset years meaning we sure do see a lot of sunsets here in Costa Rica. So any words of wisdom I can give to you in regards to a long and happy marriage is don't sweat the small stuff, because there is always small stuff. Learn to compromise at least some what. Laugh a lot, mostly at yourself. Say I love you everyday. Flirt with each other. Enjoy the ride when you think about it. Life does get in the way for sure just sometimes stop yourself and look at what you have and stay as happy as you can. Positive is a really good thing. And you might just need a Chuck.

The Waffle Iron was a wedding gift form someone, wish I knew who. It's here with me in CR

My heart and soul

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