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My wild Yeast at work

I have been feeding this beast for a year or so now and the beast has been treating me well. I am for sure not very scientific about my feedings I sorta measure accurately. Key word sorta. I usually feed the beast once a week and not on the same day. So my point is I guess my Sourdough starter is not to picky and this loaf was the most sour to date. I think that is because of the long rise time in and out of the fridge. The recipe is from and they are great. No need for me to write down the recipe for you here because the King will do a much better job of teaching you how to make this awesome and easy Sourdough Bread. You start the day before and most of the time is just waiting so do what you like while the bread is doing its thing in the fridge. This breakfast I made this morning would not be possible without this delicious toast.

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