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Easy layered Enchiladas

I made these after I made my Colorado Sauce, made a big difference from the can sauce I use and like. The flavor is mild and yet complex in it's simplicity. Not hard to make at all, I usually roll my Enchiladas but this time I was lazy and I just stacked them up. I did three layers you can do more if you like. I only used cheese olives and onion lots of onion for Chuck. You could add chicken or beef or veggies I just like mine plain old Enchilada style. 

Sauce that you make. Chili Colorado Sauce

Big pack of corn tortillas

1 large onion chopped small

1 can black olives, whole I like to break them up myself

Cheddar Cheese

I used here a 9 in square pan sprayed with cooking spray.

lined it with the corn tortillas and then added some sauce just to cover the tortillas

sprinkled on cheddar cheese, broken up olives and onion

more tortillas on top add more sauce and continue until you are satisfied. 

bake at 350 degrees or until some what bubbly on top. Serve and enjoy what you just made.

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