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Baby Boomer Builders, now cooking

For the last 2 and 1/2 months Chuck and I have been Renovating our home in California. We decided to to this about 2 years ago, so we began to save some money and plan it all out. We would do a total kitchen reno and open up two doorways and take out all the floors and a half wall. We did it! First we had the upstairs painted and new carpet put in so we could have a place to live while we did the whole downstairs. We had been staying at my Mother in laws house next door, but we wanted to stay in our house so we could get a feel for our home. We build it 30 years ago and raised our two sons here. We have rented it out for the last 12 years. It needed some TLC. We worked our butts off and I mean really. I was told by Chuck from the beginning that we would get 2 big guys to help us out when we needed it, but when it came down to it the " two big guys" never did show up. Chuck kept saying we can do it Deby. So we did. We did save money by doing a lot of it our selves. So now I would like to start a TV show called Baby Boomer Builders. Or we can rent ourselves out. We are in recoup mode now and enjoying our new everything. When we moved to Costa Rica we took almost everything with us so I felt like a newlywed with nothing when we came to do this Renovation. So I have been buying things like towels, bedding, furniture, rugs you name it. So everything is new and so pretty. I still need things and they will come in time.

I just started to cook in my home yesterday when my oven was delivered in the morning. I made Sourdough Foccica so we could dip into a very good Olive Oil I bought here in CA. made in our town. It really is good it's called Lot 22 and they have a cool little tasting room in Redlands CA.

Now our Grandkids can come to our house to cook with me, I am excited to do that with them. Another new chapter in our lives and I am excited to see how it goes. Back and forth from Costa Rica to California.

boomer builders

Still a little to go like black splash but all and all we are done for now. I love it!

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