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Cookie Jar Stories

Chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies

I can't tell you how many or what kind of cookies have been in this cookie jar. I do remember that my sister Sue gave it to me many years ago and I am happy to say I just came across it again while doing our renovation at our house in California. I love this cookie jar and the memories it holds inside. It always sat at the end of my island in the kitchen, sometimes full of cookies sometimes not. But it was always there. Everyone of our sons friends would come in and open it up to see what was inside. Sometimes someone would sneak a peek inside when no one was looking, but I always heard it open from wherever I was and I would say, hey get out of there until after dinner. Funny thing is our sons hardly ever opened the cookie jar. It was their friends or ours. Our sons were over all the goodies I guess, but the kids that had parents that didn't let them have sweets always wanted what ever was inside that jar. And I let them of course. I guess you always want what you can't have, so the moral of my cookie jar stories is, let them eat cake or cookies or they are going to over indulge when your not looking. For sure at my house anyway, in moderation.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the jar today, the recipe is good and its on the back of the Chocolate Chunks bag. Try it!

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