Ravioli, without the pasta maker.

March 5, 2016




 It's hard to roll the dough as thin as a pasta maker. 


 recipe for the dough is form http://www.goodfoodstories.com/homemade-ravioli/


I tripled it, and only got 12.

I stuffed them with the left over Rocotti Cheese I made, added about 1 Cup

I baked the Butternut Squash and used half of it here, smashed

1 handful of Arugula, chopped

1 egg

Salt and pepper

Chili seeds, to your liking.

Mixed it all together and put spoonfulls into mold. I put to much and made my Ravioli to plump. 

Boiled for 7 minutes.

My pasta sauce on some, and butter with rosemary on the other


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